Dave Weigel Resigns from Washington Post

karmic_inquisitor6/25/2010 11:13:48 am PDT

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Private emails.
Private emails.

(I understand that nothing is private anymore…but PRIVATE emails…)

I don’t consider JournoList content to be morally defensible as “private”.

These are the very same progressives that supposedly support sunshine laws and having debate wide open and in the public.

I support such ideas and have recently taken a bunch of crap from the local Republican Party and their Tea Party minions for inserting myself into a local election, putting sunshine laws into practice and costing their hand picked lemming an election. Glad I did it. One fewer mindless, stealth SoCon in Southern California politics.

JournoList is a cabal of misrepresentation and fabrication by those orchestrating a “movement” while presenting themselves as sunshine oriented truth seekers. They also blast their emails to those “on the list”.

One could make a “freedom of association” argument in favor of collective privacy but such was the argument made by country clubs to bar black and female members.