Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

Mad Prophet Ludwig4/29/2011 1:15:35 pm PDT

re: #85 CuriousLurker

I have been waiting to comment on this because I really liked what you wrote, because I know that a tiff with me started this and because I did not want to detract from the good things you wrote and make this about me.

I do not have a beef with you. I have always respected you.

Contrary to what some histrionic people say here about me hating Muslims or going Kahanist, I haven’t. The comparison to Gellar et al is especially hurtful.

I hope you recall all the many times I have supported Muslim rights in this country (as I would for any American) and been at pains to differentiate between different Muslim groups.

That said…

I am not hopeful for peace in the region. The status quo has too many outside parties invested in keeping it that way and most importantly, the Palestinian leadership, such as it is, has never ever wanted peace and the Palestinian street (i.e. the majority) certainly does not.

Before we go on, not all Palestinians. All you concern trolls please re-read not all.

The only way peace can happen is if the Palestinians start building their own society in a productive and sustainable manner that does not make them the endless pawns of multiple other players, be they regional like Iran and Saudi Arabia or international, like the US, Europe Russia and China.

It really comes down to oil leverage, but that is another discussion.

In the mean time, my comments about the Temple and Napalm and everything else that infuriated you should be addressed. You are one of the very few people who even acknowledges that the Temple was the Temple.

For Muslims, it is obvious that if they think something is holy, then it is theirs of course! In general I agree with that completely - just as I would for anyone else. My exception is when Muslims - or anyone else claim something that does not belong to them. A Jew needs to be a beggar in his own land. This is very angering. We are the only ones asked to do this.

Some here think that makes me a fundamentalist. That shows how little they know. Very observant Jews see the mosques on the Temple and see it as proof that moshiach has not yet arrived. Since they believe that it is lost to us until he rebuilds it, they are able to ignore the intended insult of the mosques - built over our site, to mark us as submissive in our own land.

For me. I would be ok with even that, as a sacrifice for peace - if we actually had peace.

Instead we do not even have the truth of it acknowledged. Abbas for instance wrote his PhD. thesis on the lie that there never even was a Temple. That should tell you something about what we have to work with.

One look at what they teach their kids or where the aid per capita - which is greater than for any other people on the planet goes shows how little that side wants peace. One listen to their speeches about killing all Jews will tell you from their own lips.

What we have is a state that can only deteriorate to my mind. We have a foe that voted for war. They literally did when they voted for Hamas. Again, not all Palestinians - and certainly not the children who always suffer when adults make war. However, war has been made and it hits my people and their children and people I know and love again and again.

I am sick of my people being the sacrifice for a peace that will never come.

I am sick of my holy sites being a sacrifice for a peace that will never come.

If it comes to war, then there was to mind mind, never a group that asked for it more than the Palestinians in attack after attack, day after day.

I am telling you that I am not alone in thinking this way after many years of praying for peace.

I am telling you that the Palestinians will one day do something horrific enough that all hell breaks out. In that day, there will be a blood bath and then afterwords, much like in the case of Germany and Japan 70 years ago, perhaps something can rise from the ashes.