Pamela Geller Rages at the Independent's Accurate Article

SanFranciscoZionist5/15/2011 1:11:46 pm PDT

re: #72 lostlakehiker

Palin is more dangerous than Geller because Palin is taken seriously by a few million fans.

That may well be true, but Palin, frankly, is less of a hate-monger than Geller. Even that damn ‘peaceful Muslims, please refudiate’ shows Palin as someone who assumes there are peaceful Muslims out there, and they’ll agree with her. ‘Cause all right-minded people think like Sarah Palin.

Geller has established herself in many people’s mind as some kind of expert on Islam, and her demonization of Muslims—all Muslims, I’m sorry, making an exception for Wafa Sultan doesn’t count—is vicious, nonstop, and reflects the strategies of Nazi Germany and classical anti-Semitism. She whips people up into a frenzy of believing that the entire religion is illegitimate, and that all its followers are a clear and present danger to THEM.

Palin is just milking an ‘aw shucks’ routine. It is different.

Pam Geller: one of the few people on earth who can make me speak kindly of Sarah Palin.