Wingnuts Circulate 2007 Anti-War Photo to Smear Occupy Wall Street

Unshaken Defiance10/15/2011 5:57:04 pm PDT

Just got back from Occupy LA. I saw nothing against the troops at OLA. Not a peep. Saw and talked to a couple guys in uniform. Nothing like the picture Charles posted above. The RW extremists are full of crap, as always.

Very little craziness. No tension. Festival communal atmosphere. The few police around looked bored. Lots and lots of tents. City hall is surrounded by tents and booths. It’s surprisingly clean, if cluttered from randomness of tents and booths and people.

Far and away the most common signs were about corporate greed or influence. No big Obama pro or con. Not hardly any partisan stuff. Some anti GOP stuff. No big anti Obama signs that we could see.
The strangest guy I saw there was a chemtrail advocate in a purple suit. (shudder) Oh and the Communist party has a booth. No big deal. No LaRouch booth oddly enough.

We got some video with very dubious audio given the general noise level. We got lots of pictures of signs and the area. I’m going back in the morning to try to get interviews at quiet locations. I need a good mic.

I think I’ll clip the images in with video and page that. Gonna take a bit of time to get that right. Maybe by tomorrow night. The only bad moment was a report that was being spread by the organizers about a beat down at OWS. May be a false report, dunno.