Calls for the GOP to Break Out of Its "Media Cocoon"

GunstarGreen11/12/2012 12:01:09 pm PST

re: #21 Charleston Chew

It seemed clear that anyone with foresight would hedge on who wins a close election, instead of making wildly inaccurate predictions that would be indisputably disproved on Nov 6.

Reminds me of “end of the world” cults. The insane ones pick a specific date and when that day comes they look foolish. The sane ones (con artists) never get that specific.

That’s just the problem though. The cult leaders of the GOP never do look foolish to the right-wing faithful. Karl Rove wasn’t just wrong about the election, he was staggeringly wrong, blowing right past incompetence and straight into the territory of raving idiots.

He still has his job. It’s as if nothing happened.

And it’s the same with Dick Morris, who’s predictions where also preposterously far off from reality. But he still has his job. Nobody in his audience cares, as long as he’ll continue telling them that they’re right and just have a messaging problem.

Spectacles like this exist. Some men (and women) aren’t looking for anything logical, or rational. Some men just want to watch the lib’ruls burn.

And as long as they do, the GOP will continue making useful idiots of them.