Seth Meyers: Trump Fights With China, as Rudy Seeks Ukraine's Help in 2020 [VIDEO]

Teukka5/13/2019 8:44:33 pm PDT

re: #84 HappyWarrior

It’s crazy that it’s still having a major impact today. And yeah reality doesn’t care about ideology. You’re absoluetly right about that. And that’s what really pisses me off about socialism now types or capitalism number one types. Focus on the solution not ideologically jerking yourself off.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m not that tempted by becoming a politician. I’m sick and tired of the - pardon my french - endless circle jerking on both left and right. We need real, pragmatic and effective (in the scientific sense) solutions to a whole host of problems, which hurt and kill people daily, even in the western world…

*goes to stand in corner, continuing to fume profusely*