Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Zimriel5/20/2009 10:44:53 am PDT

re: #518 Abu Al-Poopypants

Hmm. Maybe I’m slow tonight but I took 499 to be agreeing with 493 about the the Large Man Who Rattles Papers* and his dittoheads and it got flushed. What I don’t get about Limbaugh is how his audience is so large. Your typical conservative or Republican is supposed to be at work during those hours. The only time I hear him is during the occasional lunch-hour errand.

I’ve been in mail rooms and server rooms, and where there was down-time between errands, we often had talk radio as background chatter. I’ve heard talk radio in mechanic shops too, I guess because when you’re an experienced mechanic, a lot of the stuff you do is automatic and your brain doesn’t get used 100%.

I’d class these as mid-level, technical occupations which would attract a middle-class set of skilled workers. Mencius Moldbug used to call them “vaisyas” after the old Hindu merchant caste.