Pro Koln Organizer's Nazi Merchandise

Zimriel4/25/2009 4:42:38 pm PDT

They have two books by one Herbert Taege, one of which is called “NS-Perestroika?”.

Let’s look into him a bit.

EmmmieG was asking earlier if there were books about the Hitler Youth written by credible historians. Well, there is - “Hitler Youth” by Michael H Kater, and it’s on Google Books. It mentions of Herbert Taege: Born in Magdeburg in Saxe-Anhalt, September 1921, son of “a minor postal official”. He was a Boy Scout at first… and then joined the Jugend in March 1933. Taege joined the NSDAP “on the first day of World War II” - so, he was 18. He then volunteered for the - I swear to you I am not kidding - Waffen-SS. He was wounded at the front in 1940 and got “transferred to the SS Death Head’s unit at Dachau”, and was a guard at that hell hole three years. Then the SS figured he was fit for more active duty again and moved him to Warsaw. That put him at the scene of the ghetto “liquidation”. His resume goes on with more stuff like that, and points out that after the war he’d escaped to West Germany where he founded Ascania, a neo-Nazi publishing firm. (pp.167-8)