UAE Sheikh Cleared in Video Torture

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)1/11/2010 12:15:21 pm PST

re: #78 RogueOne

I think that a clear, clear sign that the ruling class of the country can torture and murder their citizens and get away with it is very different than other countries not valuing freedom of speech or the right to bear arms in the same way that we do. I think the blasphemy laws are stupid, I think the speech laws in Germany and elsewhere are counterproductive, but they don’t wind up with citizens tortured and dead and their smug killer walking free.

The first examples you gave were of laws in Europe that you feel— and I agree— are unjust, improper laws. What happened in the UAE wasn’t law, it was the corruption of law, the obvious, smirking, winking dismissal of the law.