Consulting Firm Bills Bankrupt Detroit $275/hr For 22-Year-Old Entry Level Staffer

The Pie Overlord!8/14/2013 10:03:59 am PDT

re: #8 Souliren

We bill $150 per hour for junior technicians.

our customers pay those rates because they are in line with what our competitors charge. Significantly less and we would be out of business.

This is the same kind of logic that is used to justify CEO’s making 8 figures. Also, if you charged your customers less, you would get more contracts.

I’m not surprised the union guys think that rate is unreasonable. They think pay should be based on seniority, not competence.

But that still does not explain why you think an entry-level graduate with little to no experience is MOAR COMPETENT than a skilled professional with 20 years of experience who belongs to a union.