Ad Agency Rejects 'Uncomfortable' Photo of Muslim Woman Embracing a US Soldier From Its Times Square Billboards

wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam12/04/2013 6:01:53 am PST

re: #8 SidewaysQuark

Uncomfortable, nah. Weird, yes. Not sure why you’d celebrate wearing a tent in public when so many women around the world are forced and/or guilted into donning that symbol of oppression against their will.

One person’s weird is another’s normal. I am not Muslim, but I find your tone really offensive. She’s not wearing a tent. And in the United States, anyway, there are no laws preventing a Muslima from wearing a veil or a chador or regular street clothes in public. Believe or not, some Muslim women choose to follow hijab to express their beliefs. Sure, there are situations where they are obliged to cover themselves in some way (the actual amount of coverage depends heavily on their location in the Muslim world).

I’ll leave it to actual Muslims here to pick your remarks apart further.