Marines: Most Female Recruits Don't Meet New Pullup Standard : NPR

calochortus12/28/2013 3:09:37 pm PST

re: #3 Dark_Falcon

Please be aware that “protecting women” is a time-honored way of being sure they aren’t truly equal citizens. If you protect women from assault by having a curfew for them, you also protect them out the chance to work swing shift. Protect them from having to lift more than a certain weight on the job, then you can keep them out of a job by having a requirement that they lift more than that. Job requirements (as for firefighters) need to be relevant. I have no idea whether doing pullups is relevant for Marines. If it is, fine. If not, well then it’s a bad idea.

In the case of keeping women out of combat to protect them from the evil males of the enemy, I’d be a lot more impressed if the men in any and all militaries refrained from raping women when they have the chance.

I appreciate that you respect women and care about us, but one way to show that respect is to realize that we are adults and can make decisions about the risks and rewards of our decisions as well as men can.
One protects children, and others without the ability to look after themselves in a very different way from how one might protect a loved one from a falling tree or someone with a knife. It is important to recognize the difference.