The Bob Cesca Show: Trump's Funeral

ThomasLite8/28/2018 3:54:25 pm PDT

re: #5 Blind Frog Belly White

So, after years of hearing people bitch about hunters hunting “poor, defenseless wildlife”, I’m a bit surprised by all the people hating on the bowhunter, who clearly had to get within dangerously close distance of a bear.

I’d also kind of question the wisdom of bearhunting with bow and arrow? I mean, making hunting fowl/rabbit/deer/whatever a bit more sporting with a bow and arrow, sure (come to think of it, hunting birds probably not the best of ideas? ehh).

Hunting a bear? I’d want some damn firepower at the ready in case the first shot or two miss. Heh, they don’t call it coming ‘loaded for bear’ for nothing, right?

And yeah, given how bear populations seem to be doing across North America, it’s either issuing hunting permits or having local fish&wildlife expend valuable resources culling the lot periodically. Seems like a win win, if responsibly managed.