Some naked faces of hatred on the right

Gus7/21/2010 8:32:25 pm PDT

re: #7 LudwigVanQuixote

And he is a giant fan of Pinochet.

Yes, it really does say it all.

He also thinks that Juan Peron was a leftist. He was neither but in general a dictator, a fascist. There were two factions: the left wing Peronists and the right wing Personists.

It was when Peron returned to Argentina and the Ezeiza massacre took place resulting in a sniper attack that killed 13 left-wing Peronist Youth and the Montoneros. It’s still important to remember that Peron was still aligned with both the left wing and the far-right. His alliance with the left ended in 1973 as he began to increase his verbal attacks on the radical left of Argentina.

His 3rd wife and successor, Isabel Pern, also led to the beginnings of the “Dirty War” by way of Jos Lpez Rega and the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance. It was Isabel who signed the “annihilation decree” which was also known as Operativo Independencia (which also targeted Guevarist guerrilla groups) — this was the birth of the death squads and eventually led to the military dictatorships.

Yes, I’m sure their reactionary mentality would lead them to believe that the military dictatorships were a good thing — in their warped world view. Inflation under their sadistic leadership topped 200 percent and also came with borrowing millions from world banks. It also came with another price for the Jews of Argentina:

It should be noted that Jews suffered disproportionally and subjected to especially sadistic tortures under the dictatorship. While less than 1% of the Argentine population is Jewish, more than 10% (some sources quote 13%) of the disappeared were Jews.

More on the military junta members of Argentina here.