National Review: Weiner Isn't As Offensive As Those Blacks And Their Damned Jungle Music

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But Americans, especially, have always been in a state of change. No culture or nation is stagnant or exists in a bubble. The foods you eat from chocolate and vanilla to cornbread and hush puppies to baked Beans and potatos and tomatos are all created by the north American Natives and the South American Natives. How many people do you know who call those foods Western foods? Who is a Westerner? What is American culture? Did it come from Europe? It was a mix of cultures. It influenced our American music, our food, our politics, even gum chewing -which is seen as quintessential Americana did not come from Europe but the Native Americans. Same with the very American sign language as well as so much more. Even the Banjo, so associated with the southeastern music was an African instrument.
The foods you eat the music you listen to the politics you practice the medicine you use it all makes our culture uniquely American.