OXYMORON CONFLICT: Raising taxes and lowering taxes is bad economics, yet raising taxes and lowering taxes is good economics.

mikiesmoky27/18/2011 1:12:43 pm PDT

re: #7 Rightwingconspirator

And leaves out an important option-Leave the middle class tax charts alone. Raise taxes on those top 2%ers. Raise corporate taxes a bit, or close loopholes.

Remember, I attempt to keep as simple as possible.
Did you have any problem with any of the 5 scenarios or the projected probable results?

You offer another situation, but you stop at the head of the stretch, i.e., you don’t finish.
You didn’t offer a projected most probable result.

Did you understand the purpose of the original piece?

You offered: Raise taxes on those top 2%ers. Raise corporate taxes a bit

There should be a negligible effect upon demand, a negligible effect upon employment, and should have a positive effect upon the deficit.
Your scenario would affect the stock market in two ways; net earnings would be lower, but confidence in our budget situation would be improved, thus there should be a slight negative effect upon stock pricing.

If that projection is probable, do you believe that scenario to be superior to #5?