Ex-Iraqi says pro-Jewish poem prompted attack, Part 2: A manufactured outrage?

CuriousLurker10/12/2011 6:43:25 pm PDT

re: #8 researchok

You know, with that kind of burden you’d have made a good Catholic.

Or, you’d be a candidate for the perfect Jewish mother.

Well, I used to be a kinda-sorta-weekends-and-holidays Catholic, though I was never baptized. Does that count?

Oh, and when my son doesn’t call or visit and then starts to apologize, I always say, “It’s okay, son—don’t worry. Once I’m dead you can take your sweet time coming to visit me at the cemetery since there’ll be no rush then.” He groans the moment he hears the “It’s okay, son—don’t worry….” part because he knows what’s coming and it makes him feel like crap.

Will that at least earn me honorary Jewish mother status? ;o)

BTW, I heard from a friend that Korean mothers are every bit as Jewish as Jewish mothers, heh.