The Caracal Battalion, Israel's co-ed combat unit, wins praise after battle with militants

Dark_Falcon9/27/2012 6:22:15 am PDT

re: #8 Destro

The USA with its heavy full kit has yet to win a war since WW2 against light armed and light kitted guerrillas.

As far as that’s true, that is more about political factors than combat capability. Our soldiers have always had a far higher capability than any insurgent, and since Vietnam part of this is the body armor that lets our soldiers survive and keep learning after bullet or shrapnel hits that gravely wound or kill insurgents.

It’s also worth noting that Los Zetas, the feared Narco-terrorists of Mexico, use body armor themselves when they can and train their men to fight while wearing it. Obviously, they think it worth the weight penalty in order to reduce combat losses. Armor and firepower are of critical import, Destro. Wlewisiii is entirely right.