Calls for the GOP to Break Out of Its "Media Cocoon"

Eclectic Cyborg11/12/2012 11:00:33 am PST

re: #3 Charles Johnson

Yep - these “young conservatives” (most of whom actually aren’t very young) are missing the point. There’s money to be made by feeding hatred - lots of it. This is a far stronger force than any “young conservative’s” pipe dreams.

The thing is though a lot of the right wing media outlets continually reinforce the idea that we have to get the right people elected to bring about real change and when that doesn’t happen…then what?

I mean to me it’s something a boy who cried wolf scenario. How many election thrashings will it take before conservatives realize the ideas espoused by the media outlets are just not getting them into the White House??

To me I think we’re seeing the beginning of a slow burn as a younger generation of Republicans pushes aside the old Guard. I think come the 2020 elections the GOP will look VERY different.