Why the GOP Will be Forced to Adjust Course on Climate Change

lostlakehiker1/05/2013 4:43:39 pm PST

Insurance for fire and wind and rain damage ought to be priced to reflect the new realities of risk. This will impact everybody everywhere. But the risk itself is the reason that it impacts people. It is just flat impossible for insurance companies to offer policies at old rates, take in meager premiums, pay out whopping losses, and break even. And if the government steps in to offer everybody insurance at the good old rates, that will have to mean higher taxes.

Better to have a system that encourages mitigation efforts. There are ways to build homes so they are less likely to be damaged or destroyed in a storm. This will save lives as well as property. Insurance rates can incorporate these homebuilding features and thus transmit to those who need the information, the info they need in ways that will induce them to act on it.