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Old Liberal6/21/2019 6:35:27 pm PDT

re: #85 MsJ


My personal life was easy because I’m white and male.
But I was born during the McCarthy hearings.
I saw the violence and resistance against integration in the south.
I saw the MLK marches and the dogs and the church bombings.
I saw the riots before and after the murder of MLK
I saw Nixon’s southern strategy.
I saw white flight in response to school integration
I saw Reagan kick off his campaign in Philadelphia MS
I saw the entire south convert to Republicanism thanks to Atwater et al
I heard Bush I say that atheists couldn’t be trusted
I saw Karl Rove and Luntz demonize minorities with their dog whistles
I saw what the entire Republican party and most of the white people did to Obama.
Every decade these asswipes somehow gain power and and try to turn back the clock, and so far they are eventually pushed back under the rock. But not forever unfortunately.