This Is Songwriting: James Taylor, "Enough to Be on Your Way"

Citizen K2/05/2020 8:06:56 pm PST

Unfortunately, the replies demonstrate just how deep the Accelerationist spirit really goes. They honest to god believe that refusing to help beat Trump is going to lead to some fucking magic equilibrium that will make it that much easier to vote for further left wing candidates and fix things magically, not taking into account just how much worse shit will get in the interim even if that did happen. They’re so offended at the idea of voting for a ‘lesser evil’ that they’re willing to let the greater evil run total roughshod, and then they have the gall to proclaim shit that ‘they can be centrists because they can afford to be centrists’ at folks who point out just who will fucking get hurt the worst if the GOP doesn’t get checked in some capacity.

Just….holy fucking goddamn fuckall.