Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

simoom10/16/2009 4:07:00 pm PDT

re: #33 Charles

I need to do some housework, so I only had time to browse one thread. Here’s what stood out to me:

Hyperventilating Posts

Marxman-Whackey is an America-killing POS that should get its sponsors thrown in jail for the unbelievable fraud they are trying to perpetrate on our nation. This is sheer insanity, regardless of how unfair the distribution among states is.

America seems unable to recognize obvious attacks on our very existence.


* Polluted stimulus bill kills economy

* Polluted health care bill kills us

” Polluted energy bill kills civilization

Impeachment / NWO

IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! Before he signs the treaty in Copenhagen ceding our sovereignty to a one world government/order. Has anyone else seen or heard more about this?

Civil War

One of those politically incorrect theories no longer taught in public schools was that our Civil War was brought about in part by Southern states dislike of paying taxes for Norther states’ industrial growth.

This one will be the War of Washington Aggression.

Mark my words on this – ain’t gonna happen. I’ll say this right now I will never obey even the most common sense law that is dictated by a foriegn power to me. Any man who comes to my house to force me to obey a foriegn power will get a face load of buckshot. Fair warning.

The constitution makes the United States Soveriegn. If they want to make a one world government – they have to repeal the constitution.

They can have some fun with that. They’ll lose half the states in the union if they try it.