Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

Thanos1/27/2010 10:50:45 am PST

re: #82 Ericus58

wow… guess there’s no reconciliation, huh?

So, would it be preferred to make those that politically differ from us outcast - never to be engaged or approached? No attempt at reaching them?

I thought the liberal positions was to engage in dialougue… reach out to make a connection. Could be wrong it seems.

No, there is no reconciliation. Keep in mind that I used to call myself a conservative until they invited the Birchers and NWO kooks back into the ever-diminishing tent out of desperation.

If they keep up with these moves then instead of voting straight ticket R I will flip after 2010. That said I am here to fight for the soul of the Republican party, and Birchers don’t belong in my life long party.