Watch Out For Foreskin Man!

William Lewis6/06/2011 3:11:04 pm PDT

re: #70 windsagio

To be honest I think he feels pushed into the corner, and is to some degree reacting to the actually quite brutal attacks he’s been subject to.

Its a pretty natural, if not great reaction.

Dude, he’s afraid of people being able to express their religion. He can’t accept that this is as important to someone as his fantasy that Each And Every Circumcised Baby Has Suffered Irreparable and Immense Harm. I may be incorrect but that level of hyperbola is what I am getting out of him.

Sorry but history shows otherwise.

History also shows that ever since the attempts at Hellenization of the Jews in the pre-Hasmonean period, circumcision has been used as a weapon against Jews by their enemies. Locker, ISTM, is unwilling to understand or accept that history and as a result I find his concerns hard to accept.