The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

CuriousLurker7/24/2011 2:47:14 pm PDT

re: #10 researchok

I agree the Right has a problem in that they have not distanced themselves from the more extremist elements in their midst. This has been and will continue to be a huge problem as large numbers of center right types like myself choose to distance ourselves from what is an increasingly cacophony of nothingness and meaninglessness.

It is also true Breivik’s madness was triggered by that very noise and ugliness.

Nevertheless, the right wing drivel was the trigger only. It served as a platform to launch an already existing psychosis.

If extreme right wing (or left wing or Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Hindu, etc) ideologies could so easily influence hordes of people into committing acts of violence and terror, we would see a lot more of it.

The vast majority of right wing, left wing and all kinds of religious adherents are not violent nor do they condone violence (all political rhetoric aside).

The right wing noise was the delivery vehicle for his already existing insanity.

Terrorism as we know it today perpetrated by radical Islamists is not something that has always existed. This offensive has increased dramatically thanks in large part to Islamist like Qutb in Egypt and Azzam in Afghanistan, and with the financial assistance of Saudi Arabia. We are constantly calling for the Muslim world to address this cancer within precisely because it is so effective.

Allow me to point out that their “struggle” is seen by the Islamists in almost exactly the same way the counter-Jihadists see theirs—as a righteous, noble defense against encroaching foreign culture & value systems that threaten to destroy their way of life. This counter-jihad is literally jihad in-kind mirror movement.

Anyone who thinks that Westerners (or Western culture) will indefinitely remain immune to a well-orchestrated and well-funded pan-Western campaign of the sort that that was worked so well for the jihadists is sticking their head in the sand, IMO. You, as a behaviorist, should be more aware of this than most.

Our government is concerned about right-wing terrorism for good reason. All cultures may not be equal, but all cultures are made up of human beings who are susceptible to persuasion under the right circumstances. To think that this is “only a trigger” for those who are already “insane” and that the rest of us are somehow immune & above it all is pure folly.

History has proven this. THIS BLOG has proven this. How many people here—people I consider to be decent & rational—have I seen admit to thinking pretty awful things in the aftermath of 9/11? Why did Charles back away from the far-right? Because it is a clear & present danger.