Amazingly, Another Highly-Placed Republican Resigns After Racist Comments Surface

Dr Lizardo2/05/2015 1:26:02 pm PST

re: #81 Justanotherhuman

That had to be the ugliest, vilest, most corrupt act of those criminals yet.

Beheading is one thing, but to burn an alive human being? When it was first reported on TV, I said out loud, “OMFG”, because I knew it had to be true.

I refuse to watch it, but Walid Shoebat wants everyone to see it. He’s the self-proclaimed “Islam expert” who tries to convince everyone he was a member of the PLA and converted to christianity. Except apparently, it’s all about the money:

And Shoebat knows which side the butter is on the bread.

Shoebat is a fraud, a con artist. That anyone takes him seriously is disgraceful.