Stephen Colbert's Debate Wrap-Up Hits All the Points [VIDEO]

Jebediah, RBG1/15/2020 12:41:47 pm PST

re: #78 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

I think as a person who had an IEP that private schools greatly ignore children with learning disabilities and who don’t fit in with the private school’s culture.

Sometimes the private school suggests to the parents that a different school would be better for them. I guess that looks better than kicking them out.
When kids who need an IEP go to a public school, they are guaranteed a free and appropriate public education - which is exactly as it should be - but, at least here in CA, the principal is not given any budget increase for it. He or she has to take the required money from somewhere else in the school’s budget. Among other things, it leads to resentment from some other parents when other programs or classes get cut to cover the new expense.
I hate that the state does not help with this. To me, it kind of makes a joke of the guarantee of a FAPE. I would love to see this get addressed properly, but I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath.