New From Colbert: Trump Labels the Trade War a 'Little Squabble'

DangerMan5/15/2019 6:19:33 am PDT

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This is an older blog post, from a Christian on how she became disillusioned about the so-called pro-life movement. It took her several years, but she learned what it’s really about.

At one point she was the leader of her college’s pro-life group. Her voyage away from the pro-life movement and Christianity’s lies promoting it started with an article about abortion rates in various countries in the New York Times back in 2007.

Lying for Jesus is what led her out of Christianity.

It’s somewhat a long read, but worth it. She brings knowledge to the issue of what all the anti-safe abortion lobbying is really all about, as she was inside it.

How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Moveement (Goes to Love, Joy, Feminism at Patheos)

overall a lot of truth in a pretty good article. fair, though some predictable responses. so little actually changes over time.

i quibble about one thing and it’s probably meaningless because no one gets every word right exactly as i would have. but i’m me:

“The cause of abortions is unwanted pregnancies.”
a lot, maybe even most. though i’d venture later term ones tend towards medical issues and not ‘want’.

though the next sentence still is spot on:
“If you get rid of unwanted pregnancies the number of people who seek abortions will drop”