In Which Secretary Mike Pompeo and His Nazi Friend Travel the World in Search of Dirt on Obama

HRH Stanley Sea10/01/2019 3:26:55 pm PDT

re: #17 DangerMan

an excerpt from a letter to the editor of the dallas morning news

this is the thinking
that an impeachment inquiry, investigation and ultimately senate ‘trial’ of the president (or any other federal official) falls under the TV ‘law and order’ etc federal or state criminal/civil rules of evidence etc.

none of those things in the first paragraph have happened

in the second paragraph, with impeachment, a crime DOES NOT need to be established.

the third is just… confusing.
- the ‘accused’ doesnt have those rights at the investigation stage anyhow.
- “presumption of innocence” - no. many senators have already said they’ve made up their minds.
- “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” - no that’s not how senate trial works.
- “right to confront his accuser, a right to defend himself” well certainly - that’s what a trial in this country (and senate is).
- and finally “hearsay evidence will not be admitted” — wanna bet?

it’s ignorance, willful or otherwise.
and its how people, think, vote, and answer polls.

My RWNJ Dad is on a local google group that migrated from the comments from the local fish wrap (comments were closed I think)

They are all rabid RWNJ except for this admirable Dr & another lady.
I monitor the group for Dad’s proof of life.

SILENT the last 2 days. SILENT.