Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

HoosierHoops10/16/2009 4:19:23 pm PDT

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Yeah, I’d hate to have to spend my life learning about all those universes only to have someone come up 20 years from now and tell me they don’t exist.//

I don’t even know how many planets to tell my children there are. Pluto let me down and I haven’t been the same since.//

I wish it wasn’t Friday night cause Ludwig would be here to join us. But there is a delicious Conspiracy going on right now in Physics…It’s better than the shooter on the grassy knoll…It concerns the speed of light..Just last year scientist have been successful in actually slowing down the speed of light through a medium…It has been theorized and wickedly contented against. ( huge war) at the big bang the speed of light through the density of expansion traveled at a different speed than today…It throws everything we know about expansion and the speed of light out the window.
And it kind of makes sense..Cause every law says that after a explosion things slow down not speed up as our observations are showing…
The universe is expanding faster.. But this Theory says we are measuring light at a different speed than it was at that period…
Here here is what will get a crazed physicist breaking down your door with a shotgun..
Light is slowing down..ever so slightly and it has from the beginning of time..