Donald Trump's Imaginary History of the National Debt

mmmirele6/23/2019 4:31:15 pm PDT

Well, today’s protest in front of Apologia Church didn’t go well. It was boring for about 20 minutes, then the kids came out and started peppering me with questions. I suspect people were not thrilled with my signs, which basically said that “You are not pro-life if you think women who have abortions should be executed” and “You are not pro-life if you teach your children that women who have abortions should be executed.” I got into one woman’s face because she repeatedly told me I was going to hell (in various ways). Got it all on video, of course.

I’m going back in about 30 minutes (end of service) with two new signs, which I’m going to tape to my SUV’s windows.

They pissed off the wrong woman.