WATCH LIVE: The Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day 5 -- Hill, Holmes to Testify

plansbandc11/21/2019 7:14:50 am PST

re: #81 Yeah Sure WhatEVs

Not a fan of Biden. Wish we lived in a country that would elect Harris or Warren, be we don’t. So it will be a dude. And Biden, in my opinion will be the dude. And I will vote for him.

I think he belongs to a time far gone. I think he will struggle to keep things from getting worse without making things appreciably better. While that is more than a bit depressing, it is world’s better than the fat orange tyrant having another term.

That being said, I will vote for any Dem over the fot. I won’t vote for Tulsi, but she’s not a Dem.