Colbert Riffs on Conan T. Herodog and the Devin Nunes/Ukraine Connection [VIDEO]

Hecuba's daughter11/26/2019 4:33:37 pm PST

re: #77 Blind Frog Belly White

I remember feeling about Perot supporters much the same way I feel now about Trump supporters. To me he seemed like an obvious nutball.

The only things that Perot had in common with Trump are that he was a “billionaire” and an outsider with no political experience. Otherwise, the two men could not differ more in terms of intellect, knowledge, temperament, and behavior. Perot was eccentric but not a dishonest misogynist and racist. He was a real billionaire based on his legitimate business success, and not from money inherited from his father. Yes — his economic philosophy was similar to Trump’s stated views, but Perot would not be engaging in senseless trade wars and would have definitely learned from experience if his policies failed. (I voted for Clinton both times)