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mmmirele12/26/2019 5:36:03 pm PST

re: #86 Mattand

Chris Hayes has a lawyer representing TX landowners fighting Trump’s eminent domain grab for his stupid fucking wall.

I really want Hayes to ask him how many of these folks voted for Trump.

Probably more than a few, but a good number of border landowners are descendants of families that have owned the land since before the Mexican War of Independence (ended 1812). It’s worth noting that Mexico considered the Texas border in 1835 (Texas independence) as being the Nueces River. When Texas became a state, the US sent soldiers in to basically seize the land between the Nueces and the Rio Grande (called the Rio Bravo in Mexico).

So, in short, there is a lot of generational anger at the US government going back to the Texas annexation about this land that Trump is seizing right now for his damned wall.