Video: Roland Martin on Birthers: 'They're Stupid'

Renaissance_Man4/22/2010 11:28:28 am PDT

re: #67 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)

Had to flush out my eye. Its really red, still tearing up a lot, damn that hurt.

Many years ago I dropped in at a friend’s house, and he and his live-in girlfriend were sitting around looking very uncomfortable, with clothes in disarray.

They’d been cooking, and apparently making something spicy and curry-like, and had given each other the eye while doing so, and, well, retired to the bedroom to consummate that look. Unfortunately, they had neglected to wash their hands before doing so.

Mere moments later, they apparently came flying out of the room howling, and one leapt buttocks first into the sink and started the cold water running. The other, with better knowledge of chemistry, had ripped the fridge open and started slathering yogurt by the handful on their nether regions.

Five minutes later I walked in.