Here We Go: The Secretary of the Navy Just "Resigned" Over Trump's Love of War Criminals

Hecuba's daughter11/24/2019 6:52:08 pm PST

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…..courtney hagle
Fox & Friends preview an interview with Rick Perry, where he says that Trump is “the chosen one” and “sent by God to do great things”

Pete Hegseth: “God has used imperfect people forever,” but what Trump “has withstood is unlike what really any other mortal could understand”…

Trump was sent by God — to punish us for our arrogance and belief in our superiority and rectitude. We were given a flawed but great Constitution, a system of government, and leaders who tried to improve the world — and then thought we didn’t need to exert ourselves to maintain them — That magically our heritage would protect us — that our institutions could stand by themselves. And then an ignoble conman with no credentials or ethics managed to get elected President, and our system is rapidly imploding.

The 2000 election was a warning to us all that we did not take to heart: the candidate with fewer votes won and we ignored the implications of that flaw in our Constitution. Of course, it is still appalling that over 62 million Americans voted for him — there is clearly something wrong with us and with our processes.