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Jack Burton, Gunner on Death Star of David2/21/2021 2:00:13 pm PST

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A friend in Austin posted this on FB. I’ve had a minor interest in amateur radio all my life but never did much about it. It might be time to do something.

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I’ve had a Ham radio license for 27 years but have barely made use of it in any meaningful way beyond a period of time between 2010 and 2014 when I was part of a group of friends who got together to go on camping and desert exploration type trips and all had licenses themselves. We haven’t done any activities since then because life happens.

I’d like to do more myself. Not owning my own house limits what I can do somewhat. So far my main contribution to amateur radio has been getting my father into it. It’s become his primary hobby in retirement because he can’t really do the motorcycle thing as much as he’s like to anymore.