TSA Threatens Bloggers for Posting New Screening Rules

SixDegrees12/31/2009 12:37:51 pm PST

re: #77 MandyManners

Did they even have jurisdiciton?

I think not. I strongly suspect they should never have been at these homes in the first place, and should have handed the matter over to the FBI.

Notice that they just shouldered their way in and started making demands, backed up with threats - we’ll get a search warrant and take your computer, we’ll make it hard for you to work and hard for you to travel, etc. They didn’t actually


a search warrant, and they certainly don’t have the authority to abuse what powers they do have as a form of retaliation. And I’m betting they knew all that, and decided to bully their way as far as possible.

I hope these guys sue their asses off, and then gets their assless hides booted out of their jobs. Along with whoever their idiot supervisor is, who either approved such illegal behavior or failed in proper training or just needs to be made an example of.

It’s not like there aren’t people in this country who are looking for work.