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Teddy's Person2/08/2020 8:05:26 am PST

More info about one of Trump’s SOTU stunts at the link.

PHILADELPHIA — President Donald Trump turned a Philadelphia fourth grader into a poster child for the school-choice movement Tuesday when he told the nation thousands of students were “trapped in failing government schools” and announced that she was finally getting a scholarship to attend the school of her choice.

But the student, Janiyah Davis, already attends one of the city’s most sought-after charter schools, the Inquirer has learned. In September, months before she was an honored guest at Trump’s State of the Union Address, she entered Math, Science and Technology Community Charter School III.

When Trump said their names, Davis said she was “really surprised” and “honored.”

She was also surprised that Janiyah was chosen to receive a scholarship: “I don’t view MaST as a school you want to get out of at all. I view it as a great opportunity.” She isn’t sure whether Janiyah will stay at MaST, saying she and her daughter are still discussing their options.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer