UAE Sheikh Cleared in Video Torture

What, me worry?1/11/2010 12:34:05 pm PST

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You (or at least I) would think we could find a way to drill and use our own oil and vast gas depsoits. Apparently- Our pristine wilderness or beach is so important we will buy from the middle east, and let our dollars support Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran… and all that really means. Just as American cocaine users fund drug gangs, American drivers fund horrific governments who also fund terrorists. It would be expensive after environmental safeguards were built, so we would use less. Less oil=less AGW.

It’s not even about the importance of our habitats. I mean, that’s a huge consideration, but we don’t have enough oil in this part of the world to sustain us for any great length of time. Maybe another generation or so, then we’ve wasted 25 years and are back, once again, at square one. You have to think 100s of years in the future.

This should have started when the hippies were screaming about it 40 years ago. If it had started then, we’d be well on our way now. We’d be using very little oil at all.

For all the screaming the Right does about radical Muslim extremists, they hate the Democrats and the liberals more, because they will never give in to them, as they see it. Better to cut their noses off to spite their face… better to keep the Saudis and Chavez living high on the hog… than admit global warming is real. we have to get off foreign oil.