Trump Wants Nancy Pelosi to Go to Prison for Ripping Up a Copy of His Speech

BeachDem2/07/2020 10:49:38 am PST

re: #61 Eclectic Cyborg

Meanwhile, in the Trump store…

[Embedded content]

I’m sure the “ACQUITTED!” t-shirts will be in my next week. I also notice they are selling Space Force branded merchandise. Who the fuck knows if that’s legal but like these assholes care anyway?

Also of note: A lot of the product photos feature minority models.

And of additional note, the model in the “it ain’t a mistake” shirt is also (same pic/different messages) in tee shirt ads for KC Chiefs gear, birthday month tees, right matters/truth matters impeachment tees, etc. So she’s either the go-to tee shirt model on the internet or people are using/stealing a stock image.