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Joe Bacon 🌹2/08/2020 8:07:05 am PST

The parallels with the fall of Rome are evident

Don’t be glum, chum. It isn’t as if the United States Senate is the first legislative body to dissolve into an impotent puddle at the feet of a domineering leader. History’s full of ‘em. The most glaring example, alas, is the senate in the ancient Roman Republic.

If it’s been a while since you reached for your Edward Gibbon, save yourself the back strain. I’ve spent the weekend thumbing through “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” and, buddy, as bad as the news is today, by consulting history we are reminded that it can get worse.

Much worse.

The Roman people ruined themselves. He quotes Petrarch:

“Behold, the relics of Rome, the image of her pristine greatness! Neither time nor the barbarian can boast the merit of this stupendous destruction: it was perpetrated by her own citizens, by the most illustrious of her sons.”

Remember: the Russians didn’t conquer us. We surrendered. The senate surrendered. The people surrendered. To Donald Trump.