Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Killgore Trout7/23/2011 2:27:19 pm PDT
c. Deportation policies: All Muslims are to be immediately deported to their country of origin. Each family (family head) will receive 25 000 Euro providing they accept the deportation terms. Anyone who violently resists deportation will be executed.

Financial compensation will be distributed to all nationalists/patriots and a public acknowledgement will be made of the several decade long unlawful political persecutions of nationalist oriented political activists since 1950 until today. Financial compensation and public acknowledgement must be granted to patriotic/nationalist minded contributors from all 8 political fronts who have been indirectly and directly persecuted in Western Europe since 1950.
Reparations of 500 billion Euros will be paid to the Serbian people for war crimes committed by NATO, under US and European cultural Marxist orders, during the Balkan wars.