ICE Lured Foreign Students With Legal Visas to a Fake University, and Now They're Being Arrested

Jay C11/27/2019 3:39:14 pm PST

re: #3 Eclectic Cyborg

This shit makes me sick to my stomach as an immigrant and as a rational human being.

How the fucking hell could this have been done legally??

Well, for one thing, this was an “official” “law-enforcement” operation, so even at the best of times (and AFA immigration stuff goes, this is WAY far from “the best of times”) so for the most, “they” can get away with a lot. However, this “University of Farmington” BS seems egregiously off-the-wall even for the Trump Era. I mean, I can kinda understand running a sting operation to nab undocumented “student” immigrants: but this shitshow seems to have basically nailed documented ones: where their visas are/were legit. But ended up arrested and deported anyway??

Nauseating, for sure.