George W. Bush: No Longer the Decider

Mad Prophet Ludwig8/17/2010 7:02:34 pm PDT

re: #59 HoosierHoops

President Obama is in deep trouble…His missteps will lose middle America in 2012..That’s the way I am seeing this…He had better swing to the middle..or else…I’ve been around..I’ve seen this routine in politics..

I think he needs to come out swinging. His bit about “the wisdom of the Mosque” was a back pedal.

There is no reason not to make this about core American values and just, for the love of America itself stand up for them, like Mayor Bloomberg did.

This should be a weapon used to defend liberty and to bash the bigots and the populists of the GOP.

Come out and call them on their hypocrisy in bold letters and say that America stands for certain principles of liberty and that it is a national disgrace that any politician would think otherwise.

The assured right of Americans to worship and speak freely is not something to nuance or debate or to be wishy washy on. It is something that American soldiers fight and die for.

This is not the place to fail in spine, but rather a simple test of wheter or not Americans love America and what she stands for.

The cowardice of Democrats on this is appalling.

They have the spines of jellyfish, and none of the sting. A proud democracy ought to be able to face down the various Neanderthals and call them out as Neanderthals. Dems ought to have to simple values to be able to tell them that if they despise American liberties so much, there are plenty of nations, like Saudi Arabia that do that sort of thing very well. The answer is to be a proud republic founded in honor with certain ideals - not to emulate less civilized nations out of base fear and pandering to crude instincts and vile propaganda.

This is a gift on a silver platter to stand proudly as Americans and to show what anti-American means.

But the Dems really don’t have the courage of their convictions, now do they?

As to Bush, the same reasoning applies. I guess he doesn’t want to rick the populist fear-mongering boat his party has gotten on. His cowardice is also noted.