The Bob Cesca Podcast: The Mueller Report

HappyWarrior4/19/2019 2:09:47 pm PDT

re: #94 ObserverArt

Keep in mind that not everyone on Nicole’s show is not a conservative. She has a nice variety of talking heads and uses a lot Times and WaPo people. Good group of prosecutor types too.

She is whatever she is, but she has been close enough to DC to understand how fucked up Trump is from a conservative viewpoint.

Overall, I think Nicole does a decent job of being fair and being more journalist/political commentator than Republican party person as she was.

I watch her because I find some of the points she makes differ from the others on MSNBC like Rachel and Lawrence. She is not a rabid right winger in my opinion.

By the way, Elizabeth Warren has called for impeachment. Talk of that is way up today.

Yeah she’s a former member of the GOP machinery but she’s alright with me. That doesn’t mean I agree with her ideologically or want her in the party but as I said, gonna need sane people in the post-Trump right and I’d rather her than someone like KAC. Warren is calling it for it you say though. That would make her the first candidate that has then I believe. I’m gonna be interested watching how a certain Vermonter handles that given his own benefit from the Russia games was in the report.