Seth Meyers: Trump and Barr Have Corrupted the Justice Department

Cheechako2/14/2020 4:49:05 pm PST

Finally changed my voter registration today. I was an R but now I’m a proudly U - Undeclared voter. Now before you chastise me for being an R for so long let me explain. My wife made the same change.

Here in AK the D’s have an open primary while the R’s have always had a closed primary. This year, the Republicans cancelled their primary. I was an R so I could vote for anyone in the R contest who opposed Don Young and Lisa Murkowski. Just trying to do my little bit to get rid of those two. Yes, I know it’s a futile effort up here in red Alaska, but it made me feel good.

Our other Republican Senator, Dan Sullivan, is up for re-election his year. He’s another Senator who is living up trump’s ass. There maybe an unexpected upset in this race.

A lot has been going on behind the screens up here. There is a very serious effort to recall our Republican Governor Dunleavy. He made a lot of promises he hasn’t or even wanted to keep. Good chance he’ll be kicked out.

Also there’s a voter initiative going around to totally revamp the taxes the oil cartel pays to Alaska. Right now we’re paying them about 1.5 Billion $’s per year as an incentive to explore and produce more. And they’re not exploring or increasing production. This subsidy stays on the oil company books until they decide to cash it in. A potential very big, long term liability.