Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

teleskiguy7/07/2010 2:26:44 pm PDT

I posted a page about my favorite band Umphrey’s McGee, and they have a song that I think is appropriate for the discussion. Here are the lyrics:

Believe The Lie
words and music by Umphrey’s McGee

Let this become memory
The worst is yet to come
And all these points we’ve argued
We still agree on some
And when all faith is lost
Is it alright to laugh

You can lead with all new lines
If you believe in what you say
And life can be just as you make it

Believe the lie and it will all come true

If you believe in every lie
You’re never free to walk away
You should be free to go today

Believe the lie and it will all come true

So let’s pretend you’re listening
And all the rules get stretched
Whos the first to turn their back
Revealing not their best
And finally right reaction
It’s like floating on a raft