Netanyahu accused of 'crying wolf' over Iran's non-existant nukes

Destro10/20/2012 9:09:34 pm PDT

re: #38 Dark_Falcon

If you seriously support Assad over the FSA, then I consider you to be no better morally than Rodan of the Stalker Blog. You are by your own words willing to support murderous tyrants if they move things in directions you think are the right ones. If you’d been alive in the 1930’s, I feel sure in saying that you would have supported Stalin!

By your words and links, Destro, you have revealed yourself to be an enemy of democracy and freedom. Being also unwilling to listen to the views of others, you are unworthy of future engagement or discussion from me.

I would have supported Stalin……against Hitler. So did the USA. Right wing really is brain damaged about facts? Does anyone else not remember the USA helped Stalin? Hello, anyone?